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A little history on me..

I am a Past Master of Sagamihara Lodge 13 located Camp Zama Japan (1984)

I am an Amatuer Radio Operator (WA4GLA)

Past locations include Kuwait, Kuwait (9K2DC) and

Okinawa, Japan (WA6WFE), also a past MARS member (NNN0HDQ)

1. Join US Marine Corps December 21 1961

2. Boot Camp, Parris Island, S.C.

3. 1st Tour with Motor “T”, Camp Lejune, NC, as a Grease Monkey

4. Participated in 1962 with 1st Light Company in the Blockade of Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crises.

5. 1963 to MCAF Futenma Okinawa with Motor T (NAVY) (11 months)

6. 1964 transferred to MCSC Albany, GA (Motor “T”)

7. 1965 re-enlisted and went to Memphis,Tn (a) school for Aviation Structural Mechanic, came out 1st in class with Choice of duty to Hawaii.

8. 1966, Transferred to Station MCAS Kaneohe Bay, Hi as Airframes Tech.

9. 1967, was one of First to apply and receive Ground Support MOS in Marines, then moved into the Ground support field at Kaneohe Bay.

10. 1968, transferred to Chu Lai, South Vietnam as Support Equipment Tech.

11. 1969, Transferred to MHTG-40 (New Stand Up Marine Air group), New River NC. Work as Support Equipment NCOIC.

12. 1971, Transferred to MCAS Iwakuni, Ja with VMA-311 as SE NCOIC/Career Planner NCO.

13. May 1971, VMA-311 along with VMA-211 was sent to Bein Hoa, South Vietnam for new series of bombing of North Vietnam.

14. Sept 71, was Transferred/TDY to State Department in Washington, DC for training with my new assignment to an Embassy.

15. Dec 71, was transferred to American Embassy, Kuwait as NCOIC/Security Officer for the Embassy.

16. Sept 1975, was transferred to MCAS Cherry Point, MHTG-20, as the Support Equipment Chief.

17. May 1976, I was selected by 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing Commander to become the 2nd MAW Support Equipment/IMRL Chief.

18. June 1978, Was transferred again to Camp Foster, Ja as the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing Support Equipment/IMRL Chief.

19. June 1979, was Transferred to Memphis, Tn as the Support Equipment (AS) Senior Marine Instructor.

20. June 1980, was requested by Marine Corps Headquarters to accept a billet as the Marine Liaison for ComFairWestPac Atsugi, Japan. In this Billet, I was responsible for all Support Rework throughout the Western Pacific. I often traveled to all Locations in WestPac inspecting and designating equipment for deport Rework. I also assisted CFWP in conducting Material Inspections on all incoming ships at Subic Base.

21. Retired on Nov 1st, 1982 as Master Sergeant from the US Marine Corps at CFWP, Atsugi.

22. Applied and was accepted with Kay & Associates as a NAESU Support Equipment Technician at AIMD Atsugi, Japan. In this Job, I was responsible for all training and assistance on all support equipment attached to NAF Atsugi , NAS Agana, Guam, NAF Misawa and MCAS Cubi Pt, Diego Garcia (BOT), Sasebo Japan, and Local Aircraft Carrier at Yokosuka, Ja (USS Midway).

23. Dec 23, 1983, I was converted to Civil Service as the NAESU SE Rep at AIMD Atsugi.

24. Oct 1986, I was transferred to NAS Cubi Point as the NAESU SE Rep/Supervisor.

25. Went through Several Coup Attempts against Government, Earth Quakes, typhoon’s then finally Mt Pinatubo Volcano.

26. Sept 1992, transferred again to AIMD NAF Atsugi as the NAESU SE Supervisor Rep.

27. Retired on 3 July 2000 as a GS-12

28. In my past with the US Marines and also as a Civil Servant, I have worked with the CIA, NIS, NSA and a few other security organizations around the world.

In my travels, I have visited Turkey, Germany, England, Kuwait, Bahrain, Daka Bangladesh, India, Japan, Okinawa, Vietnam, Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Guam, Hawaii, Paris, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Tehran Iran, Singapore, Taipei, Alaska, Mexico, Azores, Panama, Rome, Thailand and many others.

I first started in Computers in 1977 with the Radio Shack model 1 Computer...remember that one? 4 megs of memory...

I progressed up through several XT (8088) system then to the 286 models to the 386 models then 486 to the Pentium. I have taught Basic Computer courses in Japan and the Philippines. In early 80's, while I Japan, I was the president of the local IBM club. Moving from there to the Philippines at Subic base where I found no one with IBM style computers.

I traveled often to Hong Kong where I purchased up to 30 complete IBM systems for friends in the Philippines, then started another IBM computer club. Moved from there back to Japan where I joined a Japanese Internet Company installing and providing Technical Support to the Local community. I work with this company for a few years. On the side line I was providing Computer Repairs and consultants to my customers! I moved to Orange Park Florida in August 2000 and decided to again offer my services to the local Jacksonville/ Orange Park area in computer repairs, upgrades and set-ups.

After doing this for a period of time, I joined AT&T as a High Speed Data Technical Support Specialist where I worked until 28 May 2001 providing troubleshooting to Windows 98, ME, NT and Windows 2000 system and XP. Troubleshooting Broadband systems in increasing surfing speed, tune-ups, installation of new Network adapters (NIC), E-Mail setups and a variety of other troubleshooting problems.

I have been working as a Sales Associate at Radio Shack located in the Orange Park Mall, Orange Park, Fl since Aug 2001. I enjoy this work as it enables me to assist other people and keeps me busy.

Well I have resigned from Radio Shack after almost 4 years and took a job at Home Depot located at Fleming Island, Orange Park. I worked there in the Hardware department for almost 2 years. When I heard that a new Home Depot would be opening up closer to my home in Middleburg, I applied for a transfer and it was approved. I moved to The New Home Depot on 5 September and assisted in the buildup of that store. I now work as the Infocus Captain and SSC Captain, these jobs keep me busy. Next step I suppose will be to retire again..Hmm I guess retirement was not in my books. I have now moved back to the Fleming Island Home Depot where I work in Hardware. As I had said earlier, Things change and now they have. I have now retired on Social Security and drop back to Part Time with The Home Depot, as with Social security, you can only earn a certain amount per month for the first year of retirement. I am averaging about 8-12 or so hours a week. The rest of the time is spent on my computer work. Well as I have previously stated, at some point in life a person has to make a decision on what they desire in life. I have made my mind up now and will resign from Home Depot on 1 march 2009. My last day with Home Depot will be Sat 28 Feb. As my computer business has taken off like a jet, I feel I can donate more time to my 1500 plus loyal customers when they need help at the same time take care of new customers. I am gaining around 15-20 new customers a month and this will give me time to respond to my regular customers as well as my new ones. It's nice to be retired, however my computer customers are keeping me busy. I am at present taking care of about 70-90 computers a month. I have over 38 years experience working on computers. This keep's my mind bright and away from worrying about a time clock job.


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