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I am Married to a lovely women named Marie and we have a lovely 33 year old daughter named Jessica, Who graduated from College with a Business Administrative Degree. Jessie was married to a nice young man Larry Carnes on November 26th 2017. We are so proud of both of them. A Son Jim who has his own company and my grandaughter Chantal who presently live in Tallahassee and a 16 year old mixed Poodle/Malti dog named Niko. **Note** Our Dog Niko crossed the Golden Bridge on 10 Oct 2016. We are still very sad as we had him 16 and 1/2 years.

We first moved to Japan in 1980, In October 1986, We Moved to the Philippines where I was stationed while working with the US Navy.

In June 1991 after the Major Eruption of Mt. Pinatubo Volcano, The Philippine Senate Determined that they were better off with out The American Bases.

On July 9th 1992, We departed The Philippines and moved back to Atsugi, Japan. I had worked for a US Navy organization called Naval Aviation Engineering Services Unit (NAESU) until it was disbanded and renamed Naval Air Technical Data And Engineering Service Command or (NATEC).

We have now retired and presently living in Orange Park, Florida. Well Almost retired... I was working with AT&T Broadband Internet as a High Speed Data Technical Support Specialist in Jacksonville, Fl however this Job terminated on 28 May 2001 as AT&T decided to contract out our Technical Support Jobs to a Canadian Company called Convergys. I am now working full Time with Radio Shack as a sales associate. My Friend James whom I worked with in Japan, is the Manager. This Radio Shack Store is located in in the Orange Park Mall, Orange Park Florida.

I have now resigned from Radio Shack after almost 4 years and went to work at the Fleming Island Home Depot. When I heard that a new Home Depot would be opening up closer to my home in Middleburg, I applied for a transfer and it was approved. I moved to The New Home Depot on 5 September and assisted in the buildup of that store. I now work as the Infocus Captain and SSC Captain, these jobs keep me busy. Next step I suppose will be to retire again....Hmm I guess retirement was not in my books. I have now moved back to the Fleming Island Home Depot where I work in Hardware. As I had said earlier, Things change and now they have. I have now retired on Social Security and drop back to Part Time with The Home Depot, as with Social security, you can only earn a certain amount per month for the first year of retirement. I am averaging about 8-12 or so hours a week. The rest of the time is spent on my computer work. Well as I have previously stated, at some point in life a person has to make a decision on what they desire in life. I have made my mind up now and will resign from Home Depot on 1 march 2009. My last day with Home Depot will be Sat 28 Feb. As my computer business has taken off like a jet, I feel I can donate more time to my 1400 plus loyal customers when they need help at the same time take care of new customers. I am gaining around 15-20 new customers a month and this will give me time to respond to my regular customers as well as my new ones. It's nice to be retired, however my computer customers are keeping me busy. I am at present taking care of about 70 90 computers a month. This keep's my mind bright and away from worrying about a time clock job.

My Wife My Love

  • It would be easy to say that I love My Wife and have that be enough. I know what those words mean and the full understanding of all they imply. However, I deem it necessary to explain in further
    detail what she has done and why I treasure her so.

  • I have never known such love before. There have been times in my life when I thought I loved someone. It was not until I met Marie that I truly began to understand what love is about. She confronted me head on with my fears and has trusted in my nature to fix them. She has stood by me through all the hard times. She has brought such joy and overwhelming value to my life. Marie understands my ability to move from silly to serious in 30 seconds flat. My Wife understands my desire to fight for greatness and submit to it when found. She openly relates to my sense of life and my benevolence towards it.
  • Marie is not just value to me she is the HIGHEST value. She is by far the most heroic woman I know. She is everything I have ever wanted and more. Her strength of character and humorous outlook brings a proud smile and giddy laughter to my face. She is wonderful and I love her. If one ever wanted to see a role model of greatness and how to live one's life the correct way, I would point them to my Wife. Marie is My Hero, and Wife. I am proud to call her ALL of these, as they are one in the same.

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