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Keyboards tend to offer a few types of problems. One type occurs when you power up the computer only to find a message that no keyboard was detected or you can get into Windows but are not able to type. Remove the keyboard connector from the chassis, examine the pins in the connector to ensure they are straight, then reinsert the keyboard connector to the chassis. Also, make sure that the keyboard and mouse conntecors have not been accidentally switched. If this did not resolve the problem see if you can locate an alternate keyboard to try. If the above fails you may have problems in the keyboard connection in the system board and will need professional help.

Another type of problem occurs when one or more keys fail to type. This may be due to contamination finding its way into the keyboard. Try using some compressed air to blow out any foreign material which has fallen between and under the keys. If this does not resolve the problem, your best bet is to purchase a new keyboard.

Having keyboard trouble after the computer requests a password? Do the lights on the keyboard blink? If you just obtained a new second hand computer or have youngsters who like to experiment, you may be facing a security induced lock on the keyboard. Get into setup when you first power up, go to the the security settings area and see whether a keyboard locking feature has been enabled.

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