Computerbill's Computer Repair

ComputerBill's Computer Repair

Serving Orange Park, Jacksonville, and Middleburg Florida

I do not sell computers ... I offer repairs, upgrades and training in your home or in my Home:

Orange Park: (904)

TROJAN/VIRUS? Do you have one of the Trojan/Virus called AntiVirus-2009,2010 or 2011, AntiVirus 360, MS AntiVirus 2009 or 2011, Spyguard 2011,Internet Security 2012, Win 7 Anytispyware 2012, Or Hard Drive error? Cleaning takes about 3 hours. I Charge only $50.00 if you bring to me.

Rates: site visit labor is $65 which includes the first hour, $45 thereafter. Additional charge may apply for travel time.

Rates: Bring your Computer to me and I ONLY Charge you $50.00 TOTAL.. Nothing more regardless of how long it takes me to fix it.

If you like to troubleshoot computer problems yourself, feel free to review my tips:

Computer Start-up Problems
CDROM Problems
Display Problems
Keyboard Problems
Modem/Internet Access Problems
Mouse Problems
Printer Problems
Sound Problems
Computer Preventative Maintenance

If your problem has not been covered please e-mail specific questions to me at

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