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Something to Think About

1. Have you ever asked yourself how important your computer system is to your Business, Church or Home?

2. If your computer suddenly crashed what would you do?

3. Who would you call?

4. Would your Business, Church or Home suffer?

If you are having problems answering these questions, you need to call ComputerBill Computer & Repair Service

(904) 276-4762

"I've Got the Cure for what ails your PC"

Phone: 904-276-4762
Fax: 904-276-4762


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ComputerBill is here to assist you with all of your PC needs. I offer:

  • PC Service, Repair &  Maintenance

  • PC Hardware and Software Installations & Upgrades

  • On-Site Service

  • Reliable PC Specialists with Over 35 Years experience

  • Digitize your Photo's and Put on CD for you

  • Quality Customized Service

  • Low Prices

  • Same Day Service

  • Personalized Maintenance Agreements

  • Computer Parts & Accessories

  • Web Site Design

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