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How I can Help you

Virus Problem or have a Trojan on your Computer?

Have you received a Virus or trojan? Many are going around these days.

Call Computerbill I can assist you in getting rid of those Nasty Bugs and Trojans and getting you back on line. I am an expert in removing those from your computer


Having problems with your Internet Networking, Cable Modems, Network Adapters?

Call Computerbill I can assist you in getting back on line.


Is your computer becoming slow?, not booting?, Windows crashing?, freezing, rebooting on you off and on?, Your Modem refuses to work correctly, This is no problem for me, I can fix both software and hardware either within Windows or from the MS-DOS operating System.

I offer computer repairs at the rate of $45 Flat Fee for Cleaning and Virus Removal, Replacing parts cost extra.

If you bring your Computer to Me,(Orange Park) I only charge you $50.00, A Flat Fee For Cleaning and Virus Removals If I have to take your computer apart to repair or replace a part then I charge $65.00, nothing more

I also offer a consulting service for the same rate of $65 per hour. There is no tax on consultations.

System Check-UP

My System Check-Up will help prevent overheating of your CPU which is caused by dirt and trash being sucked into your cooling fans. This dirt and trash is a common cause of frequent failures of CPU's.

During my System Check-Up, I will also scan your system for Viruses which are in circulation by the thousands.

I will also be able to provide you with additional information on your system that may prevent failures in the future.

System Diagnostics

A. Help you identify system components

B. Check your hardware configurations

C. Check any errors that you may be experiencing

D. Install a good Virus Scanning software

E. Inspect and clean inside and outside your system

Cable or DSL Modem Problems?

I can fine tune your system for higher performances.

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